Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ups and downs

There is so much I enjoy about Los Angeles. I love that the whole city is a writers' workshop. You look over the shoulders of so many people working on wifi in Starbucks and see screenplay format on their computer screens. You hear neighbours talk of a coyote in their driveway the other night. You can walk into a roomful of Giacomettis at the County Museum of Art or see the huge ceramic that a couple commissioned from Matisse for the patio of their home...

But there is a downside. Tonight, on the 181 there was a guy yelling, 'You'll do HARD TIIIIME!!!!" and sneezing pathologically. Yesterday it was a woman cooing to two baby dolls in a basinette. When she looked up she had doll makeup on her face - heart-shaped lips and rouged cheeks. We see disturbed people every time we get on a train or bus. And then there's this (see attached). Just an ad...

There's an Australian type called "a battler" but I think some people battle even harder in America's more energetic, but more "sink or swim", society.

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