Saturday, January 12, 2013

Observations from the Hill

As we prepare for another trip back across the Pacific, I reflect on my favourite experiences of Sydney. I remember when I moved here in 1987 this was the view that floored me. I didn't know it existed until that first time I wandered up onto Observatory Hill.

For the first time I realised there was an upper Harbour that was just as beautiful as the lower stretch which contains the Opera House and Bridge. It narrows out to the west (left) of here and eventually becomes the Parramatta River carrying along with it lovely indentations and complications. From up here also you can see parts of the old Rocks historical district, Harry Seidler's Blues Point Tower across the water...

You know you're standing on history, the site of the old colony's original observatory.

And you can reflect on the fact that most tourists, and certainly I, as a newcomer from Melbourne back in 1987, mostly only see what's on the other side (east, to the right) of that bridge.

Anyway, this is not the greatest text I've written I admit; it's mostly an excuse for this series of photographs. And I can't resist asking: aren't those Moreton Bay Figs magnificent? In America I can see Australian native plants - bottlebrushes in Savannah (which is warm and humid like Sydney) and Tasmanian Blue Gums in Los Angeles (which has weather quite unlike Tasmania) - but I doubt I'll see Moreton Bay Figs.

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