Monday, March 3, 2014

The whole county a workshop

LA - Of course, it was impossible to escape the Oscars last night. But the whole town talks movies all the time. And seriously. The whole 4,752 sq miles of LA county is like a giant campus or drama workshop. I almost can't describe how inspiring it is.

When I was at the Conservatorium in Melbourne in the 1970s, I remember waking up one morning and thinking, 'All I have to think about today is music'. It's not totally like that, here, but close. Just about every time I sit in a cafe I see people working on scripts. I hear people working on scenes, testing dialogue perhaps with their drinking companion.

Today as I walked up Lankershim Blvd toward North Hollywood station, I found people reading scenes in the street, practising audition techniques. Los Angeles must be the most productive 'arts precinct' on the planet.

I ran into them in the street. Katja Gerz and Colin Flynn practise their audition technique.
 (A quick note: I know that the last few posts have been on the short side. A lengthier one is coming up, I promise.)


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