Saturday, February 1, 2014

Metro monologues (although trying to be a conversation)

A conversation overheard on one of the LA Metro Local Lines:

A: ...Oh those motherf$@#$kers are crazy man. They fight. They can't, they can't take their liquor.

B: Anyway, he's getting out tomorrow

A:. They just FIGHT.

B. Fifteen years. That's too long. He's been -

A. I think, I think. They shouldn't drink.

B. Institutionalised.

A. For me? Oh man. 'Hospitalisation'. I took acid.

B. They say -

A. It's got you for life.

B. More women incarcerated in California than men.

A. You can't never get that out of your system. You take a drink, smoke some dope. Wham!

B. Often for drugs.

A. Speed, that's okay. Oh man.

Am I imagining it, or can I see where David Mamet's type of dialogue comes from?

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