Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The cooler coast

One of the most striking things I've learnt about Los Angeles from living there is that there are broadly four climatic regions in the city over summer. Winter seems to be pervasively comfortable, but in high summer when the Valleys are in the hundreds (40sC) and it's hotter the deeper in you get, Downtown will be in the 90s, Westwood in the 80s and Santa Monica, in the 70s. I wonder where else this happens?

Last week, to escape the heat, we went over to Carpinteria (so-named because the early Spanish explorers were impressed by the Chumash's boat-building techniques and named the area in honour of the 'carpenters'). It's also dubbed California's safest beach. It's another of those delightful beach town you get here on the coast, and hey - no Norfolk Island Pines, an absence of Australian references.

This fudges it a bit; we didn't go by train.

 Although I guess I should admit that for one brief minute, this Chumash design reminded me of Kuring-gai engravings.


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