Friday, May 3, 2013


I realise that the places I've lived have often been defined by a significant natural landmark. In Sydney, it was North Head (Boree), in Alice Springs, Mt. Gillen (Alhekulyele). Here in Los Angeles it's Griffith Park, which you can glimpse for miles down Ventura Boulevard or from the Sepulveda Basin, or even from Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake.

I used to love seeing the lights of the radio antennae on Mt. Gillen when you came in from out bush in Central Australia. I remember the feeling of comfort they gave even the day we found the drowned man (See blog, Drowned Man in a Dry Creekbed, 6 August 2012). And I love being able to orient myself around the San Fernando Valley by seeing Griffith Park. These places aren't necessarily tame either. There are warning signs about rattlesnakes up on Griffith Park and as late as last week there a newspaper report about a mountain lion being sighted up there.

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