Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The 370 bus (Mise-en-scene 2)

Seen on the 370 bus going into Broadway:

A girl in an Anglican Girls' School uniform (that is the navy blue jacket and blue-checked skirt) with earphones in and sucking on a Slurpee gets up from her seat and goes to the exit door.

There she says something to a 20-something male. I can't hear it, but she points at her empty seat with her Slurpee straw and he turns, smiles ('Me?') and takes her seat. She has already pressed the bell and gets off at the next stop on City Road.

Perhaps she likes the look of him (he was not the only person standing around the exit), but for a split second it occurs to me: 'respect for elders?' and I feel strangely touched. He wasn't old by my rating but older than her (maybe she was in Year 10) and she gave him her seat. Perhaps it was both.

My other mise-en-scene was 26 June 2012.

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